Siam Toyota Manufacture Intranet

Custom built intranet for company employees

Siam Toyota Intranet

Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of engines for Toyota cars with a factory in the Chon Buri area on the eastern seabord of Thailand with over 5000 employees.

They entrusted us in building a custom intranet for the information of their employees, it is now viewed by all office employees daily, covering all content shared by a dozen divisions, including News, Events, Announcements, Production Plan, Production Monitoring and Library. We created a custom web application and CMS (Content Management System) to allow the intranet webmasters to easily update its content daily.

1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
2 Front-End Developers
3 Symfony Developers
Adobe Photoshop
PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Vue.JS, HTML5, CSS
6 months

Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Creating a new intranet

Complete bestoke solution with a brand new design to replace their outdated intranet, usd daily by more then 5000 employees. Includes company internal website with news/events/announcements, all divisions websites, telephone directory, production monitoring, production plan, complete physical library management, etc.

How Outsourcify helped?

This project involved a first phase where we wrote the requirements for the whole project and created wireframes for each screen of the future intranet. We then worked on the design while we started the database modeling and initiated the development of a PHP web app. Symfony is our PHP framework of choice, it’s one of the most famous and most solid frameworks for PHP, it gives a basic structure for any app with a bullet proof security and authentication with user and roles management.



Technology stack: PHP/mySQL (Symfony), Javascript front-end (Vue.JS framework), Microsoft Active Directory

Infrastructure: In-house dedicated Windows server connected to the company intranet only, IIS server

Challenge: a half dozen meetings to understand the needs and a month to write the functional and technical specifications for the whole project, which resulted in a 200 pages document including wireframes of each screen of the intranet.

Difficulties: introducing a new and open source technology in a large rigid corporation, installing the app on remote Windows server, optimizing the frontend for Internet Explorer 10.


A diverse set of features

  • Responsive web design
  • Compatibility with older Internet Explorer 10/11
  • Fully translated in English/Thai/Japanese
  • Single Sign-on of users to the company’s Microsoft Active Directory
  • Excel export/import
  • Microsoft Active Directory to manage the automatic login of users already logged in a Windows session
  • Multiple levels of content : divisions, subdivisions
  • Multiple admin user roles and permission

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