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Wordpress website for an organization that helps eliminating the malaria


VCAP (Vector Control Platform in Asia Pacific) is a platform promoting innovation and access to vector control tools that support the regional goal of malaria elimination in the Asia Pacific zone, it was recently established by APLMA (Asia Pacific Leaders’ Malaria Alliance) and Unitaid.
We were tasked to design and develop the VCAP website. The project was initiated through a UX/UI workshop, which eventually helped us define the website's content with the client, and then a design concept. In addition, we later developed the website into a custom WordPress theme and we are now providing a monthly support and maintenance service for the website which is hosted on our cloud infrastructure optimized for Wordpress.
Vcap Mockup

1 UX/UI Director & Project Manager
1 Graphic Designer
1 Web Designer
1 Front-End Developer
UX/UI Workshop
Adobe Xd
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
WordPress, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, SASS
2 months

The Challenge

It was our client’s first website after they established their organization. Based on their corporate identity design document (CI), we had to define and then design their website from scratch to the end. Like other NGO websites, VCAP has plenty of data to display, in their case about mosquitoes and types of products to fight their spread. It was challenging to present huge numbers of data in an accessible and readable way. As their CI was limited, we also had to reorganize the style guide for design elements which reflects their organisation identity.

Vcap 01

Making the site friendly for all users

To make the design more effective and tested to be user-friendly, we held a workshop with the client to understand the problems and to find out solutions. We always considered users throughout the design process and we created prototyping based on user flow and information that we got through interaction with the client and developers before we worked on User Interface.

Vcap 02

Visual design

After functions and features of the website were decided, we moved on the visual design to match the theme of the brand. We kept the design modern, friendly and visually appealing. After we designed the landing page, and got approval from the client, we worked on defining the style guideline. To reflect the brand identity, we chose modified red and navy colors throughout the whole website. In addition, for all the design ingredients, we tried to keep them as minimal as possible to enable users to focus on the story of VCAP.

Vcap 03

The summary of project

Our goal with this new website was to provide users an easier way to learn about VCAP and what they offer and also to allow the users to browse information without any possible interference. Overall, we are really delighted with the fact that we could create the website which is creative, interactive and gives better access to users.

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