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ORENE WordPress website

ORENE (Online Resource Exchange Network for Entomology) is an organization that is part of the APMEN (Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network) group, which fights against malaria in Asia and so provides help and solutions to the countries in need. We took care of the UX/UI study, the brand new design as well as its implementation on the web.

Orene Mockup

1 Web Designer
1 Front-End Developer
1 Worpress Developer
UX/UI Worshop
Waterfall methodology
HTML5, WordPress, CSS
2 months

Direction of design

We created their entire corporate identity (CI) starting from their logo to UI/UX design of their website.

Our client wanted to demonstrate excellence across the content, structure, navigation, visual design, interactivity, functionality, and overall experience through their corporate website to users. To respond to their needs, we set our aim to design an interface that would satisfy the user, both with its practical conveniences and aesthetic qualities. 


Visual Identity

Our creative drive was to use colour, font and components representing their CI. As a serious and valuable report, we wanted to create engaging, inspirational and clear storytelling using UI design.


Style of design

We defined icon styles, colors and fonts referring to their CI. In the color scheme, we used the gradating blue, which is often associated with science, as the main color tone, the rest of the light grey and white are combined.




Technology we used for the best experience

We have created a fast interactive platform where a user can get information about what they want through our technology. When the designs were completed, developers took over to make the site perfectly reflect the visual design, and customized it with editable templates so the clients can make their website live and evolve by themselves.

We adopted the technologies such as HTML/CSS, JS and wordpress for this project as they were the most adapted for this case.



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