What’s going on in our office in September 2017

What's going on in our office in September 2017
Company Activities

Khom Outsourcify

Lead Web Developer

The whole Outsourcify team is busy on very different projects :

  • a travel agency management web application (Symfony PHP framework)
  • several WordPress websites, most of them including e-commerce features
  • a Vue.JS single page app with a Symfony backend to display business intelligence content
  • as always several HTML5/Javascript e-learning modules in progress
  • soon starting a React.JS/GraphQL project and React Native mobile apps.

And finally we are in the process of designing a new website for our company, enhanced with a blog and portfolio.

Plus ongoing brainstorming over a few start up ideas!

Check some photos of our office below.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any web development needs!

Khom Outsourcify · Lead Web Developer

Expert in PHP and Symfony framework, but also in Javascript, using Vue.JS, React.JS and Electron lately, Khom is a senior programmer with transverse responsibilities as a problem solver and technical lead who is always looking forward to learn new technologies.

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