Weekly English lessons for our staff

Weekly English lessons for our staff
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Kwanruedee Sangkhep

Executive Manager

At Outsourcify, the main language is used is English and all of our employees are good to fluent English speakers, but with varying levels of understanding and writing skills, so we believe our staff should be constantly trained with corporate English lessons to enhance their vocabulary and business communication proficiency.

We have English lessons twice a week for 2 intermediate and advanced group levels, our teacher helps our staff master their English skills in meetings, presentations, conference calls, business writing, e-mail communications, business calls.

Kwanruedee Sangkhep · Executive Manager

With a degree in software engineering from the Mae Fah Luang University of Chiang Rai, Kwan has had experiences as a web developers working in Australia for 4 years before coming back to Thailand to found a web agency in 2013 which evolved into Outsourcify.

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