Top 10 free tools to test the performance of your website

Top 10 free tools to test the performance of your website

Loic Outsourcify

Assistant Project Manager

There is a multitude of online indicator tools available to test your website’s performance, to check technical aspects of your website for error in conception or coding, or design mistakes which could slow it down or make it difficult to use by visitors or to crawl by search engines.

We have listed here the top 10 of these best free tools. Each tool as its own ways of defining how a website’s performance should be measured and in general what makes a website optimized. In all of these tools, you usually get a score out of 100 and of course the closer to 100 the better.

As an example, we will use our website for these tools to showcase the different results you get with a single website. We hope this article will incite you to use these tools and help you improve your website’s performance.

1. PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is a Google tool that provides quality performance indicators for your website. It also includes suggestions on how to improve it.
Among the indicators provided, you can check your performance score, executed by Google’s LightHouse, an automated tool for improving the quality of web pages . A score of more than 90 is considered fast. You can also access Lighthouse via chrome Devtools. If this score is less than 90 and you want to improve it, PSI analyzes the data describing the tests as fast, medium or slow to give you the information to improve your website’s efficiency.
PageSpeed Insights stands at the top of our list, as it is Google’s own tool and you would usually think Google’s performance indicators should relate to their search engine ranking factors.

2. GTmetrix

GTMetrix is the most recognized performance report tool, it uses GooglePageSpeed and Yahoo! YSlow, two speed analysis tools, to also evaluate the performance of your site and provide concrete recommendations. It sorts the characteristics so that you can see first what points need to be improved to significantly increase your performance score.

3. Dareboost

Dareboost provides a complete service to improve your performance. It separates the data points into different categories, data volume, SEO, security and many others. You will get 5 free analyses per month.

4. Webpagetest

Webpagetest also provides you a report on your performance. More precisely on the use of your media content, image, video. It allows you to compare the different compression methods to get the best results from them.

This is the 4 most powerful tools to test your website. There are also many others, here are the others of our top 10 rankings

5. Page Weight

Just like webpagetest, pageweight will give you a complete report on how to improve your performance by optimizing the compression of your media content.

6. Sucuri

Sucuri Loadtime tester gives you an overview of your site’s performance around the world. It gives you the loading time indicator of your entire page on different servers in addition to key indicators.

7. Dotcom-tools

Dotcom-tool uses page speeds insight indicators to give you performance information about your site by providing you with a complete report.

8. Load impact

Loadimpact gives a performance indicator using a line chart. It includes several filters to get a more accurate view of your results.

9. Geek flare

The tool Geek flare uses pagepeed insight and other performance indicator spreading to provide a report on your site.

10. Pagelocity

Pagelocity provides you with indicators on SEO, performance and code insight

Loic Outsourcify · Assistant Project Manager

Loic obtained a master business intelligence at the EFREI school in Paris, France. After an internship in Shanghai, he started his career as a web developer and is now a Digital Project Manager at Outsourcify.

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