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Thai/Japanses corporation website re-design and Wordpress development

Thai Orix Leasing Company WordPress website

Thai Orix Leasing Is the first leasing company in Thailand. It is part of the Orix Corporation, a group of companies with diverse businesses both in Japan and 37 other countries. We had the  designed and developed their new website from December 2019 to February 2020.

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1 UX/UI Director & Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Front-End Developer
1 Worpress Developer
UX/UI Worshop
Waterfall methodology
Adobe Xd
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
HTML5, WordPress, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Bootstrap, SASS, mySQL
2 months

Unity of the design

The design process always begin with the structure : it has to order all the informations the client wants to convey in a way that compliments them and is clear for anyone coming to the website. It was difficult to find the right balance in this case, as Orix is providing a wide range of activities but we settled on a way that allows us to optimize the space of the website and show everything our client wants to show.


Harmony of colors

Colors are an essential part of a company’s identity, it is important to integrate them in the design. We tried to balance the red and blue, and to include variations as those two colors were very saturated in the logo and would have been too overwhelming at a bigger scale.

We make a point to propose the client different designs so they can be sure of what they want and maybe the differences can help them make their own suggestions for a website which resembles them better.



Tools for creative action

Functional, clean and mobile responsive ! Today, websites need to be well-planned, user friendly, and inviting. Our goal was to deliver a website where users can get information on Orix easily. In this case, we delivered solutions which development was complex and that required an excellent knowledge of HTML/CSS, JS, wordpress, front-end and mobile technologies. We also executed and followed the full development cycle from A to Z.




The importance of feedback

Feedback is important, for the client and for us as we always want to provide a product adapted to our client’s needs. 

In this case and thanks to Orix helpful collaboration, we were able to construct a website we are really proud of.





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