InsurePaws - ​​Pet Health Insurance

Wordpress website, Vue.js sales funnel for quoting and online payment


InsurePaws offers pet health insurance to make essential and affordable care available to cats and dogs owners. InsurePaws has entrusted Outsourcify with the creation of its website, which we created as a Wordpress website on which we added a Vue.js dynamic quotation and sales funnel allowing users to subscribe online directly from the website.

The website we proposed is multilingual and uses different technologies, the first being WordPress for content management, followed by Vue.js for the creation of the funnel, then a client database using AirTable.

1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Vuejs Developer
1 Wordpress Developer
UX/UI Workshop
Adobe XD
WordPress, Vue.JS, JavaScript, PHP
4 months

Adapting to a limited budget

When we start a project with a client we always try to evaluate what would be the best technical solution for a project, but cost constraints are also important, and sometimes we resolve to an hybrid solution that might not be the best overall but is the best compromise. For InsurePaws, with the large number of custom features they expressed initially, we thought a custom web app would be more fitted to manage their customers, quotes, sales, online payments, monthly subscriptions, renewals and affiliates. After discussions, we decided to scale down the project to a MVP based on WordPress, which would let them start their business with a lower cost of development.


Designing a website based on a logo only

InsurePaws being a brand new health insurance for pets, we started nearly from scratch, with only the logo as inspiration.
The project started with a workshop to clarify the expectations, as this is not only a corporate website but also includes a whole sales funnel, online payment, storing customer data and orders, email management and PDF generation. We usually start by defining the sitemap of the website and detail sections for each screen. Then when this step is validated, we move on to wireframing, we used the Adove XD design software on this project. 


A sales funnel using VueJs in a WordPress website

As the purpose of the funnel is to generate sales, we wanted the quote system to be as easy to use for the user and as fast as possible, so we chose to use Javascript technology using the VueJs framework directly in the custom WordPress theme we were developing. We also developed the member area in the same way, an area where the person with an account can have access to their personal information and have the possibility to contact the insurance company directly.


User management with AirTable, Stripe payment, PDF policy generation and emails

After a client goes through the sales funnel, fills in details about the pet and themselves, chooses the correct plan and options, their quote is saved into an Airtable. AirTable is a kind of online databse which displays data in a spreadsheet like format. It can be accessed with Javascript through their API.

The online payment happens then happens in Stripe, in a payment card online payment form integrated into the sales funnel, and Stripe sends back the result of the payment process.

If the payment succeeds, a PDF will be generated with details of the insurance contract and it is emailed to the client.