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A web framework is a collection of libraries which helps to develop a web application. Symfony is an open-source framework for the PHP programming language created in 2005 that evolved until today (Symfony 4 was released in 2018). It allows to rapidly start a modern web application by providing a set of reusable PHP components to handle security, authentication of users, routing, templating, forms amongs other. It also includes other libraries developed by the same team, the Twig templating engine and the Doctrine ORM (Object Relational Mapper).

The Symfony components can actually be used in any PHP application, independently from the framework, and are at the basis of another PHP framework, Laravel, as well as Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal or Magento.

Outsourcify has a team of experts in the Symfony PHP framework to help you build a fully featured web application. We have years of experience building web apps in domains such as : CRM, Insurance, Real Estate, B2B Ecommerce, Human Resources, Stock management, Factory Workflow Management, Analytics, Trading and finance, Travel Agency management.

Custom Features

Complex relational databases
Custom web services
Workflow management
Media management: photos, sounds and videos
Email sending and templating
Chat and internal communications
Integrations with third party systems and APIs

3 examples of Symfony web applications

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