Travel Agency website and online itineraries redesign

Redesign and development of a website and online trip itineraries

Secrets of Siam Website Redesign

Les Secrets du Siam (The Secrets of Siam) is a travel agency offering tailor-made tours that provide high-end and eco-responsible experiences in Thailand. In late 2018, they commissioned us to completely redesign their website, giving it a more modern edge. We handled the UX/UI study, the entire redesign, as well as its implementation.


2 Web Designers
2 Front-End Developers
UX/UI Worshop
Agile Methodology
Adobe XD
HTML5, CSS, Symfony
3 months

Guiding the Design Direction

Our primary objective was to craft an interface that seamlessly blends practical functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring user satisfaction on both fronts. Responding to our client’s emphasis on targeted actions over mere visual appeal, our focus was on delivering a design that goes beyond pleasing aesthetics.

Foremost among our priorities was to avoid overwhelming users with an excess of elements. Every design element was meticulously arranged in a hierarchical manner based on its importance, ensuring a streamlined and distraction-free user experience.

In shaping the design direction, we delved into various aspects, including service orientation, strategic considerations, user experience intricacies, design aesthetics, and content relevance. Each decision was made with a keen understanding of our client’s needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach that extends beyond the surface, ultimately leading to an interface that harmoniously caters to both practical needs and aesthetic preferences.


Navigating the Design Process

Initiating the design process, our first step involved crafting low-fidelity wireframes. This approach allowed us to delve into functionality intricacies, gain insights into user behavior, and prioritize key interface elements. Following the UX design phase, we meticulously defined icon styles, colors, and fonts—essential elements that users naturally encounter in their interaction with services. Recognizing the significance of seamless integration, these design components were thoughtfully woven into the overall aesthetic.

Within the color scheme, we adopted gold as the primary tone, complemented by a harmonious blend of black, white, and gray. This deliberate selection not only adheres to aesthetic considerations but also contributes to a visually cohesive and engaging user experience. Our design process is a journey that transcends mere visuals, embracing functionality and user-centric principles to deliver a refined and purposeful design.


Crafting the Best User Experience

Upon the completion of our designs, the next phase involved the transformation of these visual concepts into HTML templates. A crucial aspect of this process was ensuring responsiveness across desktops, tablets, and smartphones, resulting in a seamless and adaptive web design. Our overarching objective was to present users with a website that effortlessly provides the information they seek about Secrets of Siam.

Executing this vision, we integrated the meticulously crafted designs into web pages using technologies like HTML and CSS. Subsequently, the previous website frontend was replaced with this new HTML incarnation, seamlessly connected to the Symfony backend through the use of Twig. This strategic integration of design and technology aimed not only to enhance aesthetics but to elevate the overall user experience, offering a platform that is both visually appealing and functionally robust.




Redesigning "Les Secrets du Siam"

In the pursuit of revamping the “Les Secrets du Siam” website, our mission was to redefine and modernize the look and feel we had initially crafted several years before. Balancing practicality and aesthetics, the design prioritized targeted actions, with the main goal of attracting visitors to contact the agency through a distraction-free user experience. Our meticulous design process, from low-fidelity wireframes to defining essential elements, culminated in defining a new harmonious color scheme around their logo, dominated by gold.

The integration of HTML/CSS technologies ensured a responsive web design across devices, a pivotal step in transforming the user experience. Emphasizing simplicity, the redesigned interface retains its emotional depth, providing users with a comfortable and enriched exploration of the travel agency’s services.






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