Travel Agency website and online itineraries redesign

Redesign and development of a website and online trip itineraries

Secrets of Siam Website Redesign

Les Secrets du Siam (The Secrets of Siam) is a travel agency offering tailor made tours that provide high end and eco-responsible tours in Thailand. In the end of 2018, they asked us to redesign the website completely to give it a more modern edge. We took care of the UX/UI study, the whole redesign as well as its implementation.


2 Web Designers
2 Front-End Developers
UX/UI Worshop
Agile Methodology
Adobe XD
HTML5, CSS, Symfony
3 months

Direction of the design

Our main aim was to design an interface that would satisfy the user both with its practical conveniences and aesthetic qualities. The first point was our client wanted more targeted actions than nice looking images. 

The key priority was not to distract attention from users with an excess of elements. All of them are arranged hierarchically according to their importance.

We have considered service direction and strategy, user experience, design, content, and more according to the needs of the client.


Process of design

First of all, we created low fidelity wireframes to study the functionality, understand user behavior and prioritize interface elements. After UX design part, we defined Icon styles, colors and fonts which are elements that customers naturally encounter in their services. it is important to integrate them in the design. In the color scheme, we used the gold as the main color tone, the rest of the black and white and gray are combined.



Technology we used for the best experience

When the designs were eventually completed, we worked on transforming them into HTML templates, considered desktop, tablet and smartphones versions to create a responsive web design. Our goal was to deliver a website where users can get information they want easily on Secret of Siam. We adopted the technologies such as HTML/CSS, JS and wordpress.




The summary of project

To sum up, we aimed to deliver users a comfortable and emotional experience with details while maintaining simplicity. At the same time, we set up the user-experience our priority and tried to make it universal so people can access it.






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