Real Estate Development Promotion CRM

A custom designed Nuxt/Vue.JS Web app

Real Estate Development Promotion CRM

We designed a client Interface for one of the real estate agencies in Thailand which benefits from more than 15 years of expertise in real estate and rental property. In the middle of 2019, they asked us to design the client Interface to give it a more modern edge and user-friendly. We took care of the UX/UI study, the whole design as well as its implementation.Image02

1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Front-End Developers
1 Symfony Developers
Adobe XD
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Symfony, Vue.JS, Nuxt.JS
3 months

How Outsourcify helped?

Entire structure was needed in order to offer a better User Experience throughout the website. The site utilizes simple real estate web design, which is focused on providing a comfortable community experience for customers. It also supplies clients a diverse selection of products and services.

In addition, we crafted a website to provide an optimal viewing of a luxury real estate website that embodies clean and sophisticated design. Featured listings are presented in a stunning way, as beautiful high-res images provide impressive previews of each house and its details.

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A new design for a better user experience

The customer panel needed a simple and clear user experience (UX) and interface (UI) in order for the customers to easily follow up with his application’s status. Because of that reason, we created a simple-to-navigate site structure and chose font, background colors, and icons that would best work together to tell their story.

The website has a light grey background with classic and sophisticated elements colored indicating their brand colors(Black, Red and Gold colors).

In addition, a slick user interface design with custom icons and branded component allowed to make this User Experience stand out.

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UI and UX had to meet several requirements based on Agent’s feedback and accessibility standards, and we took care of proper handovers and we collaborated with dev teams so our designs are useful and easy to implement.

We are proud to say that our work satisfied our client’s needs.





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