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LabTech Engineering

LabTech Engineering is a worldwide leader in the field of laboratory and pilot plant processing machines, they produce their machines in Thailand and export to all major countries around the world.

They had a very old and outdated web site that seems to date from the 90s and desperately needed to be completely re designed. They went through quite a particular process to select a web agency to redesign a new website for their company, they actually asked 5 agencies to quote to design the homepage of their website. Hopefully they didn't expect designers to work for free, but it was a clever way for them to be given a choice between different service providers in Bangkok. As this website is part of our portfolio, you can now guess they chose our design which we are thankful for, we then redesigned the whole website following the same concept as that homepage with basically the words "modern" and "simple" as directions. We also helped LabTech re-imagine the website content, in order to showcase the catalog of machines they produce, while keeping the same structure as their previous website.

We of course offered to create a responsive website design, which means it would adapt to any device and display nicely on tablets and phones also. In term of the content management system, we used Wordpress which is a open source (free) software that would eventually allow their webmaster to easily update the content of the website, add news & events or new products regularly.

1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Web Developer
Adobe XD
WordPress, PHP, mySQL
8 weeks

Imagining a new design

As this job was a redesign, the website sitemap stayed basically the same, we exchanged with the LabTech team to define what to keep in the previous website’s structure and content, and then figured out which kind of design would suit them best, gathering some ideas and elements from them as well as offering our point of view.

They wanted to keep their historical logo which we only offered to modernize a bit. We extracted from the logo two corner shapes which are used as a gimmick throughout the website, animated on button and link borders.

The design of the website pages was done with Adobe XD and presented to the client in the InVision app, an online prototyping tool that allows you to display your website designs in an interactive way and to discuss the design inside the app by leaving comments directly on the screens.


These full width sections display a photo gallery to showcase one of the company departments.

Wordpress theme development

Our job as WordPress theme developers at Outsourcify is to create a custom theme built from scratch for our clients, and it’s especially the case when the project has a unique design. This means we do not use any commercial theme that can be found on the market as we consider they are most likely to do harm to the website with a bloated list of unwanted and sometimes half broken features. Instead we start from our own WordPress theme skeleton which we assembled throughout the years and that continuously evolves with each project. It gives us flexibility and and modularity by allowing us to select the features we wish to include for the website.


To the point Content Management System

We also ditch all page builders and prefer a solution that proved its worth, which is to divide each page templates in sections and allow the webmaster to edit all texts and images within the section without the ability to change the overall layout. The CMS is a bit less flexible than what some page builders offer, but in the end the website generated is much lighter and faster, and in our experience the vast majority of customers do not need to change completely their website, they don’t need tons of options but to be able to add and update content in the most efficient way, without risking breaking the whole layout.

The LabTech admin panel gives their webmaster the ability to manage blog posts, products and their category (which generates dynamically product and product category pages), as well as their agents information, and of course all the content of general pages.


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