Catalytic Converter Recycling B2B E-Commerce Web App


Ecotrade is a purchaser and recycler of scrap catalytic converters that operates in different countries worldwide.

The Ecotrade web application is one of the first large management web application we developed several years ago, we are constantly working on improving it through an evolutive maintenance. The web application has different purposes, the main one is to offer a database of thousands of scrap catalytic converters from all car manufacturers, with their price calculated in real time from daily precious metal rates. It is basically a B2B e-commerce system that allows users to create a cart of products except it's the inverse of the usual online shops concept as customers are companies that wish to sell scrap catalytic converters to Ecotrade.

In countries where they don't operate, Ecotrade enables its customers to check the prices they pay for each scrap catalytic converters through a subscription based model. This is possible on the web application as well as on a related mobile application that retrieves the data through an API. The mobile app was developed using the React Native technology.

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