BI sales reporting web and mobile app

BI sales reporting Application with Nuxt/Vue.JS web app and React Native mobile apps

BI sales reporting web and mobile app

We designed a CRM(Customer relationship management) platform to help the corporation to approach to manage an interaction with customers.

We aimed to design a CRM platform to be comprehensive, yet easy-to-use management



1 Project Manager
2 Web Designer
2 Front-End Developers
2 Mobile Developers
Adobe XD
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.JS, Nuxt.JS
6 months

Direction of design

Our client wanted to offer an excellent experience to users across the structure, navigation, visual design, interactivity, functionality, and overall experience through their CRM platform.

We created a design solution which can help to manage the relationships and activities with their customers. The solution was to give the organization a single and unified view of every interaction with clients.

We aimed to design a CRM platform to be comprehensive, yet easy-to-use.


Solutions, structure and wireframes

After creating a general map and ideas, we adopted main project modules and initial information structure for each module. Based on structure we created wireframes for the best solutions.




User interface design

We crafted the user interfaces that would be aligned with the company’s CI. Referring to the company identity, we defined icon styles, colors and fonts referring to the logo of the company.




Developing technologies

We implemented innovative solutions everywhere in the platform to help a user can use this platform easily through our technology. Developers took over to make the site perfectly reflect the visual design after the designs were completed, and customized it with editable templates.

We adopted the technologies such as HTML/CSS, JS and wordpress for this project.


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