All Seasons Realty

Real Estate Website, tools and Management Application development

All Seasons Realty

This Real Estate Agency as an international team and needed a new website to showcase their properties which we linked to our bestoke property listing web system which includes a CMS and CRM features.

The Outsourcify team has been working since the company inception on Real Estate projects and developed a custom tool to manage diverse aspects of a Real Estate Agency, other agencies we worked with include Powerhouse Properties, Global Property and TwoFlat. Our web app allows to list customers (developers, owners, buyers, tenants, prospects), projects (condo, housing
villages), units, generate PDF contracts, manage business workflows (listing creation process, 6 months check of property availability, answer web requests), generate statistics, XML feeds to exchange listings with other websites.

This Real Estate Agency management web app's database is flexible and allows to create a fully featured real estate website as it also includes a CMS and web-oriented functionalities to showcase properties and create website pages and blog articles. All can be translated in multiple languages. Our team is fully capable of linking our web app with an existing website or of course we can design and develop a new custom website for the agency.

1 Project Manager
1 Web Designer
1 Web Developers
Adobe Photoshop
PHP, Symfony, HTML5, CSS
12 weeks

The best service for all clients

Customer Relationship Management
  • customers can be property owners, developers, buyers, tenants, prospects
  • extra contacts can be attached to a customer
  • documents can be attached to a customer profile
  • list of all property owned (including history of all properties ever submitted)
  • list of all projects owned (for developers)
  • newsletters can be sent from the system to all customers
Requests from buyers/tenants and owners

The web app manages requests from the website, they are saved and displayed as alerts on the dashboard, the admins can answer them through the system, transfer the to colleagues, send emails to the clients with pre-written answers in a professional email templates. All requests can be followed and managed through the system. Customers can can directly be created as prospects from property information request or as owners from listing requests and the property listing initiated.


Everything you need for your listings

Projects features:

The web app allows to create a database of all apartments and housing projects in the area with all details needed.
All information added to the projects can be reused in all unit listings from the project, for example the location, distance to the beach, GPS coordinates, tags are defined for each project and do not need to be added into each unit.

Properties features:
  • advertising : generate A4 advertising documents to print to display in your shop
  • emails : email templating to send emails to the owners (validating owner details, listing confirmation, regular listing validity check)
  • documents : attach files (contracts, scans)
  • photos : add photos to a property listing (photos will be resized and a watermark will be added)
  • agreement : it contains everything regarding the listing process, price, commission and contract

A Fully Featured Real Estate CRM

Property listing process

The process allows to insert a property in a proper way, by getting all information needed from the owner and generating a PDF agreement being generated ( Sale Listing Agreement, Sale Listing Sole Agent, Purchase Agreement Document, Rental Agreement). Statuses can be parametered, for example : In process/Incomplete, Waiting Owner Answer, Agreement Completed, Owner Awaited to Sign, Signed, Cancelled.

Website listing checks

These workflows allow the agency team to check the property listings displayed on the website for missing information, including SEO checks (descriptions, keywords).

Regular availability checks

It’s very common to find non accurate listings on most Real Estate website, this workflows allows to check regularly if the listings displayed for rent or sale are still available by emailing the owners until an update is provided.


Manage your agency like a pro

Everything can be customized to your exact needs

Our Real Estate Management web app is fully custom built and we adapt it to every case as we know every agency has their own processes, their own way to handles prospects and clients, either property owners or buyers and tenants, and of course their own brand and documents : shop windows advertising, agreements, emails, etc.

Everything adjustable through Settings
  • locations, districts, types of property, tags can be customized, among other parameters
  • email templates can be customized
  • email models with pre-written texts can be created using variables like the customer name, their unit etc.
  • complete search in customers, projects, units
  • tools in the app allow to batch import and export properties through CSV files.

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