2020 Company trip to Koh Chang

2020 Company trip to Koh Chang
Company Activities

Kwanruedee Sangkhep

Executive Manager

For this 2020 company trip and after this long Covid period, we decided to take a break from our busy office in Bangkok for a long weekend on the Koh Chang island. We usually do one 3 day strip each year. There are many places to visit in Thailand, we try to alternate between the tropical forests and the islands and their beaches.

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Where is Koh Chang

Koh Chang is located on the Eastern coast of the gulf coast of Thailand, in Trat province, close to Cambodia, several hours drive and 15 minutes ferry from Bangkok. Koh Chang means the “elephant island” in Thai language because of the shape of the mountains which look like the head of an elephant, though it’s not big enough for elephant hoards to ever live on it.

Our program

Day 1

6 am

No pain, no gain, we leave Bangkok at 6 am, we drive 6 hours to the pier to take the ferry to Koh Chang island.

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The ferry takes half an hour to go to the island where we finally take our final transportation, a pickup taxi to reach the hotel.

Img 6010

1 pm

Everyone drops their luggage on the super comfortable rooms of the Centara Hotel.
Everyone finally makes it to the pool or to the beach to relax and enjoy the nice tropical island weather.

Img 6067

4 pm

After relaxing, this is now sport time for Outsourcify team. The 30 members of the game were divided into 6 different teams (5 people per team).
We play different game such as:

– Bomb Defense Games

The goal of this game was to carry the bottle from a point A to a point B.
But the difficult part of this game is that everyone is attached by a string and has to coordinate with each other to manage to encompass the bottle inside this string.
This game was the most challenging to manage the good coordination between the team members.

Img 6136
– Looking for the object without seeing

The goal of this game is to search an object without seeing anything (blindfolded). The other members of the team must guide the blindfolded member by telling him the direction to be the first to find the object. The main goal of this game was to improve our communication skills.

Img 6155
– Time up

In this game, each member has 1 minute to make guess the other team members as much words as they can by mimic it. The team which has validated the most words win the game. Once again, this game was based on the communication and listening skills of the team members.

Img 6203
– Three-legged

Each team has to choose 2 team members, these two persons are linked by a string in the foot. The goal was to reach the finishing line before the other teams. To be successful, the 2 team members must communicate.

Img 6234

7 pm

After having a good shower and grabbing our best outfit for the night, it is the time to have a great dinner at the hotel. The Thai style main dish married with some sweet western dessert was the best combo to make this night delicious.

Img 6361

Day 2

9 am

It is now time to wake up for a new exciting day. Everyone has a different plan:
Many of us rent a motorbike to visit the island to discover the incredible beaches and waterfalls.
Some other ones will even be more adventurous by trying paddle surf.

Img 6760

7 pm

After this beautiful day exploring the island, there was no way to go to sleep so early, so we all went to a special seafood dinner close by the hotel and for the most courageous, had some drink in a local bar after dinner.

Day 3

It is now time to say goodbye to this amazing island and go back to Bangkok for some new always more challenging web and design projects.

Watch our video bellow:

Kwanruedee Sangkhep · Executive Manager

With a degree in software engineering from the Mae Fah Luang University of Chiang Rai, Kwan has had experiences as a web developers working in Australia for 4 years before coming back to Thailand to found a web agency in 2013 which evolved into Outsourcify.

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