2019 Company Trip to Kanchanaburi

2019 Company Trip to Kanchanaburi
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Kwanruedee Sangkhep

Executive Manager

This year’s company trip was to Kanchanaburi, a region located in western Thailand, 3 hours drive from Bangkok in the direction of Myanmar. It is famous for its lush tropical nature, with several natural parks, rivers, forests, waterfalls and a lot of wildlife. It’s also a place of history as the city of Kanchanaburi became notorious because of the Bridge on the River Kwai which was built during WWII by prisoners of war to link Thailand to India by train through Myanmar.

We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights, no computers and nothing work related, the only objective was to relax and spend time together.

Check our video below :

Kwanruedee Sangkhep · Executive Manager

With a degree in software engineering from the Mae Fah Luang University of Chiang Rai, Kwan has had experiences as a web developers working in Australia for 4 years before coming back to Thailand to found a web agency in 2013 which evolved into Outsourcify.

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